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Move Mindful brings the bodily systems into greater harmony and balance, recovers mobility, strength and flexibility, and is accessible to those with no prior yoga experience. The classes are designed as a moving meditation to quiet the mind, so that your attention is fully and intensely present. When you are fully present in the immediacy of this moment, thoughts cease and Being can be recognized and felt. To rediscover awareness of Being is to know your own true nature. This is the very essence of yoga.

Featured Practices


Shoshin Yoga


The word Shoshin means original mind, open mind, or self-sufficient mind. Additionally, the word "mind" in this context doesn't just point to the intellectual thinking mind, but something more akin to being, consciousness or spirit. Shoshin Yoga is a practical method for the direct experience of beginner’s mind and all the qualities inherent within it: openness, curiosity, receptivity and wonder. The practice consists of a deliberate, conscious movements that reorient the focus of attention inward, exploring the most subtle layers of our being–the current of pure awareness–that which is beyond, behind and within.


Gravity Yoga


Gravity Yoga is a passive and subtle practice that reveals where you’re holding tension, so that you can relax and release that tension. We all hold both physical and mental tensions, and often these tensions come uninvited and are outside of our control. When we consciously and deliberately focus on areas tension, we discover ways in which to release them intelligently. The mind likes concentrated forces and usually orients itself towards any area of tension. By teaching the body to relax deeply, we teach ourselves how to relax the tendency to be pulled in by the force of the mind.



Hear what some of our members have to say:

“Move Mindful creates a space where wondrous healing and exploration can occur. The classes allow one to open instead of resist, to discover instead of know. This practice is a profoundly effective tool to release blocks, deepen awareness and free the body from limitations and pain.”–S.D.

“Each class is welcoming and professional. The video and sound quality are excellent, and the focus of each sequence is clearly indicated. Each class is carefully constructed and meticulously instructed. Practicing online with Move Mindful from the comfort of my home is so much better than the hassle of driving to a studio!” –M.H.

“The classes were simple, yet very effective. The rhythm, the length, the poses. It was PERFECT for me. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it.”–S.F.


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