This practice is a modern approach to ancient yoga wisdom that takes into account the impact and stresses from our modern lifestyle in order to restore health, vitality and balance. You don't have to be flexible or have any prior yoga experience to participate. The practice is accessible for all ages, abilities, and levels of fitness.

We dissect and modify classical yoga poses to make them more safe, accessible and as effective as possible. We understand that each person is unique and each body has different needs, so we attempt to carefully adapt the poses for each individual.

The sequences are designed to improve flexibility and mobility using a combination of passive and active movements altered by different angles and directions in various positions. The practice emphasizes achieving balance in all areas, including the balance between mental and physical. Sometimes we relax into static postures for a long period of time, and other times we emphasize improving strength, endurance, and putting the joints through their full range of motion.

The goal is to “let the practice happen” instead of trying to achieve, control or wonder if you are doing it right. The truth is that you are not really “doing” anything as a force, you are allowing the practice to happen. As a student you are being held and supported in a space of allowance by your teacher so that you can deeply connect to your own inner source of guidance and wisdom.

It is important to emphasize that our approach to yoga is not seen as a physical activity. All use of movement during yoga practice is a tool to focus and relax the body and mind. When the body relaxes, the mind follows. From a relaxed state of being, we can access the parasympathetic nervous system, which is largely responsible for our ability to “rest and restore” from the stimulus and stress we encounter in our day to day life.

The stresses and fears we encounter throughout the course of our life can gradually generate patterns of bodily tension and asymmetries that eventually lead to pain and limited movement. This work corrects those patterns and brings the body back towards its natural state of balance.

The physical benefits of yoga are usually what initially draws a student into the classroom. But as the student dives deeper into all the various layers of practice, they realize what is most important is to use their yoga practice to reach a place where they consistently feel a sense of inner peace and freedom, a place where their mind’s thinking no longer disturbs their own well-being.