Learning to Trust Your Body's Infinite Intelligence

Your physical body has its own conscious energy system, its own system of infinite intelligence, which is always working for your greatest and highest good. Your body will convey to you if something is out of alignment. Your body's messages can take the form of an illness or disease, a headache or a cold, and if you become more seriously ill, your body is attempting to communicate something to you more strongly.

In yoga, we learn how to trust our body's innate intelligence by putting ourselves in postures or shapes that create sensation. This sensation is just data or new information that our yoga practice teaches us to be present to.

The shoulders can be an area of the body that experience a lot of stiffness and tension, especially for women. Energetically, the shoulders can represent where we carry the weight of the world and the fear of responsibility. Tension in the shoulder area can also arise when we resist the natural movement of life.

Are you carrying too many burdens? Do you always put yourself last in your list of priorities? Is your life too stressful? What is your body's innate intelligence attempting to communicate to you?

To resolve shoulder pain and increase mobility and flexibility of the shoulders, visit the Shoshin Yoga class library and look for classes with a shoulder focus.