Anjali Mudra - Offering the Mind up to the Heart

We always close practice with Anjali Mudra, or hands in prayer position at the heart. Anjali is a Sanskrit word which means, “to offer” or “to salute,” and mudra means “seal.” I invite you to seal in your practice by establishing your mind firmly in your heart.

The mind always wants to control the flow of life, but if we can offer the mind up to the heart, then we are living from the openness and happiness that is always already here.

It’s not always an easy thing to do since our minds are programed to problem solve, seek out comfort and avoid pain by either expressing or suppressing our thoughts—however, a regular yoga practice certainly makes it easier. That’s really what yoga practice is for, it trains you to remain centered and calm in the midst of fear, tension and discomfort. Yoga helps you to become more soft and intimate with yourself—not ‘you’ a body, but rather, ‘you’ the conscious awareness that is noticing the body, thoughts, sensations and breath.

Yoga is a practice of internalization. It allows the chatter of the mind to merge and dissolve into the flood of life force energy. The more you practice, the more you recognize that life is force other than the body. The body is dense but life force energy is subtle. You can feel it tingling and radiating.

Practice and all is coming. 

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