Simply Be Still

Yoga helps us to become more harmonized both in mind and body.

The more harmonized we become, the less tension we carry and hold.

Tension is the result of fear—fear that you are not fulfilling, not worthy, incomplete—restlessly turning from one thing to another, seeking, striving, running, constantly doing.


In modern day life, we are constantly thinking, doing, running and working. With all this doing, we fail to discover the unmanifest parts of ourselves. The great imbalance of our time is spending too much energy rushing, fulfilling and striving, without ever taking the time to relax and pause. The Shoshin Yoga sequences have been designed with poses and instruction that allow your entire system to relax, rest, digest and recover from the stresses of modern day life. During practice, the mind's natural out-flowing tendencies will be gradually turned around into an inward-moving current. Shoshin Yoga helps to disengage energy from the physical and mental realms, bringing a calm sense of peace into one's practice, which is intended to carry over into one's daily life. 

Shoshin Yoga is a practice that is meant to be applied not only on your mat, but in your moment to moment life. One tenant of Shoshin Yoga is ahimsa, or non-violence. Ahimsa means practicing with softness and kindness towards yourself. Practice and live so that you do not strain, you do not rush, you do not force the poses to work for you, and you do not force life to work for you. Take time throughout the day to pause, to relax. Cease carrying yourself, and allow life to move in its own course, for life will sustain you, renew you and give you new strength.

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